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Certified C-Bus Installation Providers

We are approved to work with C-Bus software and provide all C-Bus electrical designs and consultancy to ensure you provide a professional service to your clients with ease.

With 7 years experience with C-Bus, and having 50 Clipsal C-Bus automation systems under our belt, you can be sure you are working with a team that understand the work required.


Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation
With home automation you get the luxury of having everything in your home just the push of a button away – from your home theater system to your home alarm – and with a Clipsal approved team you get everything from your home automation ideas and design to your installation.

Energy Efficiency
Enjoy the home energy saving benefits of having a home automation system. Automated systems are more efficient on their power consumption and by working with an approved Clipsal C-Bus installer you can be sure you get all the benefits.

Remote Control of your Home
If required, we can set up offsite remote control of your automated electrical services within your home or business via internet or telephone.


Be Comfortable in your Home
Say you want to watch your favourite Sky Sports channel, you only have to press a single button to turn on your home theater system, Sky decoder, change to your channel and dim the lights. The possibilities are endless and Richard Baker Electrical can design the system to meet your needs.

Increased Security
Everything down to locking your doors can be incorporated into your home automation system – meaning with the press of a button you know that your whole house is locked, the alarm is set and while you’re away the lights throughout your house can perform as if you are still at home.

The Clipsal C-Bus systems give you complete reassurance that your security is thorough and sturdy.